EUCARE in France

Eucare is an insurance company based in Malta founded by shareholders who have acquired expertise in complementary social protection and prevention of professional risks in the Netherlands. Their ambition is to diversify their activities in Europe. The company has European approvals granted by the MFSA which are acknowledged for France by the ACPR for the insurance branches for 1 (Accident), 2 (Sickness/Health), 16 (Miscellaneous financial losses) and 18 (Assistance) .

The “EU” part in the EUCARE name signifies both the insurer’s membership in Europe but also its commitment to taking care of others through its insurance activity in the region.

The word “Care” was chosen because it means being caring and this is of vital value to Eucare’s clients.

Social protection expertise

Eucare aims to further develop its expertise in France as a specialist in social protection for public and private entities. Eucare currently offers its partners tailor-made solutions for

  • Statutory insurance
  • Complementary Health Insurance
  • Loss of income insurance in the event of incapacity for work and disability

Eucare also intends to offer other solutions for the near future such as

  • Supplementary pension

Prevention of occupational risks

EUCARE’s desire to support its customers is not only reflected in the “CARE”part of its name but is also supported by the concrete implementation of actions such as  promoting  health and safety at work and improving working conditions.

There are many opportunities:

  • Human aspects: preservation of health, well-being at work, recognition at work
  • Economic aspects: limitation of costs linked to absenteeism, better service rendered
  • Legal aspects: supporting the responsibility of the employer and promoting the cooperation between employer and employee.

Faced with the lengthening of professional life, the surge in absenteeism and the importance of retaining levels of service, employers must implement an active and participative approach to understanding the professional risks in their operational field, and to determine whether they are physical risks or psychosocial risks.

Cooperation with local partners

With local partners, EUCARE is committed to maintaining a high level of quality of services and relies on the expertise of real specialists to meet the requirements of its customers.