EUCARE Insurance PCC Ltd in respect of its NL Care Cell offers income protection insurance following sickness and absenteeism to employers and employees in the Netherlands in collaboration with Aevitae. In this collaboration EUCARE is the manufacturer and Aevitae the distributor of the policies.

The EUCARE income protection insurance products provide wage compensation for employers and employees in case of absenteeism caused by sickness. The products are designed in line with the Dutch legislation and social security system.

We offer various collective income insurance products in collaboration with Aevitae. Below is an overview of the different types of insurance products that we offer:

  • Sickness insurance: wage compensation for employers during the first two years of sickness
  • WGA-ERD insurance– benefit compensation for employers obligations for the first 10 years of disability, for employers who opt ​​out of the social security system
  • WIA-employee insurances: income compensation for employees to prevent loss of income due to disability up to statutory retirement.

More information about the policy conditions of these insurance policies can be found on the Aevitae website.